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Children EducationWe started Book Loft the educational bookstore because we are also parents raising children and wanted to see them succeed and to help them focus on improving their abilities to their full potential.

Through extensive research and hands on experience in supporting our children to gain scholarship, we understand that ongoing assessment and associated feedback are essential elements in enabling learners to make progress in their learning. Effective strategies for integrating these essential elements into learning start with clear learning intentions.

Book Loft is an all-inclusive store that offers a vast selection of quality educational materials and resources for children between the ages of 2 to 18. We are located in Australia and are one of the few solution providers with a physical store as well as an e-commerce platform that provides a comprehensive range of educational materials and resources. As an established retailer, we offer a responsive and knowledgeable service that caters to various needs. Our offerings include an extensive collection of educational toys, enrichment materials, and assessment books to support children's learning and development.

Leveraging The Singapore Education System

As a parent we have nurtured our children in both the Singapore and Australian education systems.The Singapore education system has garnered global attention and recognition for its high-quality education and academic achievements.

For school-aged children, we carry a comprehensive selection and access to over 4,500 titles of enrichment and assessment books from established publishers that contribute to Singapore's leading education system and very well suited to help Australian students push their boundaries. Our books are carefully curated to complement the Australian education system and provide additional value to students. Our selection also includes guided solutions and easy-to-understand notes that make teaching and learning a more streamlined process for parents and tutors.

We offer education materials and resources for a broad range of levels, from pre-school to junior college, which include learning toys and manipulatives, storybooks, assessment books and guides, enrichment magazines, and ten-year series.

We can be contacted by email info@bookloft.com.au or you can fill up a contact form at the bottom page to get in touch with us. Alternatively, you can contact us via social chat below.

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